Rules for Open Lobbies





  • All cheats are completely forbidden to use under any circumstance while playing in any event at Warzonrivals. Using any cheat will result in disqualification and ban of the whole team.

  • Warzonerivals reserves the right to monitor any player during the tournament.

  • No smurf account allowed (you must play on your main/best account) Example: if we see that you drop a lot of kills every game with your 0.2 account, you will be disqualified

  • All sorts of match-fixing/teaming are strictly forbidden and will result in the team being disqualified.

  • If a player uses the ActiVision account of an another player to participate in a Warzone Rivals tournament, it will result in the team being disqualified.

  • Reverse Boosting is not allowed

  • VPNing is not allowed




If you think another team is cheating you can report them via the website.


Participate in the Warzone tournaments


  1. ​At least 1 team member must sign-up on the website.

  2. ​Provide correct information while signing-up, e-mail, Activision # ID (no PS or Blizzard ID)

  3. ​Make sure to review the rules.

  4. ​No cheating of any sort will be permitted.

  5. ​Launch your Warzone games on the date and time of the tournament.

  6. ​Report your scores.

  7. ​Win the Tournament


Warzone tournament entry

  • 1 Player of each team must register on the website.

  • Deadline to sign up is 2 days before the start time of the tournament.

  • You will be required to play with the same teammates from the start of the tournament until the end. You can't switch teammates in the middle of the tournament.


Game mode

BR TRIOS in open lobbies

  • 3 hours

  • Best 4 matches

  • If one of your teammates has to leave in the middle of the tournament, you and the remaining of the teammates can keep playing  but you will need to “not fill” your party to keep playing. You also can't add another player in the middle of the tournament to your squad even if they are registered.

  • If you play with a squad member that is not registered to the tournament, your team will be disqualified from the event.

  • The designated person to stream for the tournament can’t leave unless there is more than one person streaming in your team.

  • If the person streaming the tournament leaves and there is no one streaming for your team, your points made without streaming will not count.

  • You and your teammates are responsible at all times for any technical issues or connection lost.

  • The player hosting the game (party Leader) must stream and show Geographical Region inside Call of Duty.


Point system



Warzone Victory              30 Points

2nd Position                      25 Points

3rd Position                       20 Points

4th Position                       10 Points


5th Position                       5 Point


Kill                                       1 Point


Streaming rules

  • Streaming broadcast must be available for at least 24 hours for Warzonerivals to review (Archive mode "ON" on Twitch).

  • If we are not able to watch the stream after the Tournament, you will not be eligible for the Cash Prize.

  • Stream title = + the name of your team.

  • Every team are required to have at least one player to stream the tournament, whether it's pc or console.

  • PC players streaming need to show Geographical Region inside Call of Duty. (VPNing results in an immediate disqualification)

  • Console players are required to show that cross platform is ON

  • Face cams are not required. We only want the streaming from the game.

  • Authorized streaming platforms: Twitch


Kill/Death ratios

K/D limits for TRIO tournaments

  • Beginner - Average Team K/D cap 2

  • Intermediate - Team K/D cap 3

  • Champion – No K/D Limit

Most WARZONE RIVALS events have team combined kill/death ratio caps(limits).

If we see abnormalities in your K/D ratio that gives you advantages to enter any WARZONE RIVALS tournament with a K/D CAP, you will be disqualified.

We reserve the right to monitor your K/D ratio.

You must have a minimum of 100 Warzone games played on your ActivisionID account.

All platforms allowed

All platforms are allowed (PC, XBOX and PlayStation) for any tournament since cross platform is accepted on Call of Duty Warzone.

•Crossplay must be "ON" at all time.


Submitting scores

After the tournament you are required to report your team kills and placement on our discord server.

  • You will be granted 2 hours to report your scores right after the tournament ends

  • Download the Call of Duty App to trace your results



Warzone Rivals’ staff will review every eligible team for a prize placement before officially giving away the purses. Winners will be announced every 1 day after the Tournament.

The payout will be made following the competition results via Paypal or DigiCash.


Behaviour and sportsmanship

  • Show respect to everyone involved in the tournament and on every social media platform.

  • Always show honesty while playing in every Warzone Rivals event, be fair and follow the rules.

  • Do not use any discriminatory language.

  • Do not use extremely foul language.

  • Do not share personal information about yourself or other individuals.

  • Do not share your account.